This three-part sculptural piece is essentially a floor version—a 90-degree rotation—of spatial relationships that I explored in my hanging mobile “Enjoying Space” (2022). The title “Dr. P.,” refers to Oliver Sacks’ famous essay “The Man who Mistook his Wife  for a Hat” because I think this piece is not directly identifiable as a stool but rather as a random assemblage of abstract wooden surfaces the usefulness of which may or may not arise instinctively. [2022, “Things to Touch”].



Natural wood rubbed with beeswax

Width 570 mm
Depth 460 mm
Height 453 mm

 © 2022, designed and crafted by Fotis Flevotomos in collaboration with master-carpenters.

“I always wanted to create furniture that‘s surprising and pleasing for our bodies. These pieces were born effortlessly as a way to think again about our spatial habits, the Cartesian coordinate system we correlate with and our perceptual mechanisms.”

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