A book that explores the resources available to the painter and the composer - things like motivic development, tonality, perspective, harmony, colour and rhythm - and the affinities that might exist between these resources.

Composing in Unison seeks to answer whether the analogies that artists, musicians, critics, writers and philosophers have drawn between music and painting at one time or another, are plausible and technically demonstrable. About half of the text deals with the realities of artistic perception and is aimed at clarifying some general issues like, for example, the ways in which the concept of space contributes to the creation and understanding of both musical and visual compositions, the essentially sequential character of our musical and visual perception, or, how might a certain aspect of our emotional life serve as a common denominator for the comparisons between musical and visual forms. The other half is a discussion of some of the most important resources of music and visual art - e.g. motivic development, tonality, perspective, harmony, colour, rhythm, melody and drawing - and of particular works that are subjected to close analysis and compared.

Published by VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, © 2009 VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, Fotis Flevotomos