Eight indian ink drawings from Athens and NYC.
Videos about Fotis's Work on Art and Low Vision
Thoughts and Articles on Art and the New iPad Drawing Apps.
The visual record of a two-month stay in Finland

Fifth Avenue Exhibit (past event)

In June 2011, Flevotomos exhibited a series of drawings and watercolours at Mid-Manhattan Library in New York and spoke publicly about the effects of low vision on his art.


The exhibition featured a selection of drawings and watercolours made between April 2010 and April 2011. Two distant poles, Finland and Greece; two antithetical conditions, indoors and outdoors; and two different techniques- drawing and color- were represented by twenty sketchbook pages and three larger pieces.



Fotis Flevotomos displays Drawings and Watercolors at Mid-Manhattan Libraryʼs Low Vision and Blindness Resource Day
By Hyacinth Persad, Mid-Manhattan, Popular Library
July 20, 2011